SOcial Entrepreneur summit
& ecosystem fundraiser

wednesday april 24, 2024 | 530-10PM | Business Casual | University Club of Tampa

PRESENTED BY The Social ENterprise LEgacy Foundation, CHampa Life™ and Phoenix Portfolio Partners

Welcome to the Social Entrepreneur Summit & Ecosystem Fundraiser — an event that invites you to join hands with 600+ industry veterans, academic leaders, and passionate social entrepreneurs in transforming the world, one step at a time.

Celebrate BirthdayS

Our mission is to ensure that every foster child and all children, regardless of personal or financial circumstances, has the opportunity to celebrate their birthday and receive a present! We believe that every child deserves to have a special day to call their own through our core values of: Compassion, Service, Generosity, Kindness, Love and Fun!


EmpowHERment makes a meaningful impact by helping women thrive through a variety of avenues, including workshops, events, and entrepreneurship programs. Our ultimate hope is for every woman who interacts with our organization to find a program that resonates with her unique aspirations and needs. We are committed to tailoring our programs to ensure that there is a program for each woman who walks into our space.

meet the 2 beneficiaries


Celebrate Birthdays

Each of our Summit’s will illuminate a social enterprise partner within our pillars; Healthcare, Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Veteran Advocacy, Minority Acceleration, Women Empowerment and Youth Mentorship.

FLORIDA'S Largest SOCIAL ENTrepreneur Summit

Event Schedule

Join us for an immersive evening, comprising a series of impactful activities, ranging from engaging meet-and-greets to thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and a socially-funded memorabilia auction.

5PM - 06:00 PM


6:00 PM - 6:25 PM

VIP Speakers: Dr. Joe Hodges, Jessica Haley, Tj Fatinikun

6:30 PM - 07:15 PM

Panel - Social entrepreneurship: Merging community with Culture

07:15 PM - 10:00 PM

Networking | Entertainment
Social Entrepreneurship: Merging Community With Culture

meet our Social Entrepreneur Panelists


Ben Sever

CEO, Phoenix Portfolio Partners


Nadia Kaminskaya

CEO, Branding Bosses

Ambee Stephens

CEO, EmpowHERment

Belinda Leto

Co-Founder, Celebrate Birthdays

Amber Calhoun

Board Member, EmpowHERment

Peggy Goicoechea

Board Member, Celebrate Birthdays

Alanna Karaosmani

VP Market Manager, Valley Bank

executive speakers

meet our VIP Speakers

Jessica Haley

Executive Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Joe Hodges

CEO of CareValet

TJ Fatinikun

CEO T-Fat's Autospa

Brad Oleshansky

Founder & CEO, The Motor Enclave



Our aim is to raise a game-changing amount of funds for our beneficiaries!


$ 125


become a sponsor

$ 15,000- Title Investor
$ 10,000- Empowerment Investor
$ 5,000- Champion Partner Sponsor
$ 2,500- Ecosystem accelerator Sponsor
$ 1,500- Social Entrepreneur Sponsor

Community support

Hear From Our Supporters

Participating in the Social Entrepreneur Summit & Ecosystem Fundraiser has been a game-changer . The event is not only a convergence of like-minded individuals but also a platform for impactful dialogue and actionable solutions. The funds raised make a tangible difference, fueling our initiatives and amplifying our mission to support impact-centric businesses. This event is a must-attend for anyone committed to social impact.

Social Enterprise Legacy Foundation

The Social Entrepreneur Summit is a prime example of how we can drive change through collective effort. Connect-IT 360 is proud to be associated with this fundraiser event, which is a catalyst for innovative thinking, partnership, and positive action. We have seen the profound impact that this summit has on our community, and we heartily recommend it to anyone looking to make a significant societal contribution.

Connect-IT 360

The Social Entrepreneur Summit & Ecosystem Fundraiser is a highlight in our calendar. It's an event that truly bridges the gap between ideas and impact. The inspiring panel discussions, networking opportunities, and the enthusiastic atmosphere make this event a standout. What's more, the funds raised directly support our mission to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to accelerate success in Florida's thriving innovation economy.

Florida Innovation Ecosystem

University Club of Tampa

201 N Franklin St #3800, Tampa, FL 33602